Trish is a laid-back, on the move, breathing contradiction, a type A habitual slacker with internal battles that rage on like The Odd Couple, but with poetry and cursing. She’s a writer and publisher, and the owner of HardHead Communications, Inc. and Her inner bohemian, punk rock expressionist has worn the sheep’s clothes of the corporate world for decades, shedding them in phone booths across the country, assuming her natural form outside the office and soaking up life. As actionfiguretrish in her AFT emblazoned cape, nerd flag flying high, she’s navigated a square career and a crooked path as a secret enabler and instigator of demons and dreams. Your parents thought she was a good influence on you.

Trish has dragged her blues through a sampler of states, especially southern, eastern and mental ones. She observes people like it’s her job, or secret creepy hobby. A military brat, she calls Melbourne Beach, Florida her “hometown,” still filled with family and old friends. She, her husband, daughter and Labrador-horse mix currently live in Northern Virginia, in the thick of the DC metro. She has accidentally lived in Virginia, on and off, for more than ten years.